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Specials \ Veterans Day

Thank A Vet Bumper Sticker
Auxiliary Thank you Coin
Branch of Service Caps
Starting at $17.95
Branch of Service Veteran Patch Ball Caps
Starting at $15.95
Proud Family T-Shirt
Starting at $19.95
Patriotic Eagle Flag Necklace
Patriotic Eagle Flag Earrings
Patriotic Eagle Flag Pin
Sublimated Vietnam Veteran Cap
Black Vietnam Veteran Cap
Vietnam Ribbon Tie, 100% Silk
Desert Storm 25th Anniversary
Starting at $9.95
Desert Storm Collar Ornament
Desert Storm Patch
US Flag Ribbon Pin
Afghanistan Iraq Veteran Cap
Global War on Terrorism Pin
Iraq Veterans Cap
Iraqi Freedom Pin
POW-MIA Outdoor Flags
Starting at $24.95
Branch of Service Outdoor Flags
Starting at $19.95
Patriotic Pearl Set
Patriotic Ladies Fleece Vests
Starting at $29.00
Patriotic Ladies Fleece Jackets
Starting at $31.00
Patriotic Eagle Tie
Patriotic Eagle USA Cap
POW-MIA Watch Cap
Vietnam Boonie Caps
Starting at $21.95
Vietnam Veteran Patch Cap
Vietnam Veteran Watch Cap
Got Freedom/Thank a Vet T-Shirts
Starting at $16.95
POW-MIA Eagle T-Shirts
Starting at $18.95
Patriotic Sleeve T-Shirts
Starting at $18.95
Vietnam 50th Anniversary T-Shirts
Starting at $16.95
Bronze Fallen Soldier Pin
Blue Star Pin
US Flag Pin - Clutch Back
US Flag Pin
Austrian Crystal Flag Pin
Eagle Pin
US Stick Flags (12)
Tough Tex US Flags
Starting at $29.95
Nyl-Glo US Flags
Starting at $18.95
Nylon US Flags
Starting at $13.95
US Parade Auto Flag
POW-MIA Car Window Flag
Russet Leather Carrying Belt
Uniform Gloves
Starting at $3.00
Uniform Shirts
Starting at $56.00
Patriotic Table Runner
VFW Place Mats
Buddy Poppy Luncheon Napkins
Buddy Poppy Canisters
Starting at $16.95
Buddy Poppy T-Shirts
Starting at $12.95
Buddy Poppy Posters
Buddy Poppy Bucket
Buddy Poppy Rhinestone T-Shirts
Starting at $19.95
VFW Life Member Coin
Auxiliary "RAP" Coin
Pledge of Allegiance Pencil
POW MIA Design Suspenders
Patriotic USA Suspenders
VFW Khaki Tactical Patch Cap
Korea Defense Patch Cap
Vietnam Veteran Strap Wrap
WWII Veteran Patch Cap
WWII/Korea Patch Cap
Korea Veteran Patch Cap
Korea/Vietnam Veteran Patch Cap
Grave Marker US Flags
Starting at $11.00