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Specials \ Memorial Day

VFW Logo Neck Gaiter
Patriotic VFW Logo Mask
Patriotic Auxiliary Mask
VFW Clip
Nyl-Glo US Flags
Starting at $19.95
Nylon US Flags
Starting at $15.00
Polyester US Flags
Starting at $25.00
Deluxe Nylon Home Flag Set
Nylon Casket Flag
Flag Case, Clear Vinyl
US Stick Flags (12)
4 x 6" POW-MIA Stick Flag
POW-MIA Outdoor Flags
Starting at $27.00
Grave Marker US Flags
Starting at $12.00
VFW Grave Marker, Thermoplastic
US Veteran Grave Marker
Auxiliary Grave Marker
VFW 20" Floral Wreath
20" Auxiliary Floral Wreath
Auxiliary Casket Flag
Black Hoodie with Gaiter
Starting at $39.95
RED Friday T-shirt
Starting at $27.00
Price of Freedom T-Shirt
Starting at $13.95
Black Camo VFW Logo T-shirt
Starting at $22.95
Men's Blue #StillServing T-shirt
Starting at $19.95
Men's Black #StillServing T-shirt
Starting at $19.95
VFW Men's Grey Knit T-shirt
Starting at $15.00
Moisture Wicking T-Shirt
Starting at $9.95
Women's Blue #StillServing T-shirt
Starting at $19.95
Women's Black #StillServing T-shirt
Starting at $19.95
Auxiliary Rhinestone Blue T-Shirts
Starting at $19.95
Auxiliary Red-Grey T-Shirt
Starting at $14.95
Auxiliary Life Member T-shirt
Starting at $20.95
Life Member Auxiliary Cap
VFW Buddy Poppy Koozie
VFW Poppy Tumbler with lid
Blue Buddy Poppy T-shirt
Starting at $14.95
Buddy Poppy T-Shirts
Starting at $14.95
Buddy Poppy Rhinestone T-Shirts
Starting at $19.95
Yellow Buddy Poppy Logo Apron
Buddy Poppy Posters
Buddy Poppy Booster Poster
Buddy Poppy Bookmark
Gold Buddy Poppy Vests
Starting at $17.00
Buddy Poppy Wire Earrings
Buddy Poppy VFW Tie-Tac/ Pin
Starting at $15.95
POW-MIA Eagle T-Shirts
Starting at $15.00
Starting at $18.95
POW MIA Design Suspenders
POW-MIA Eagle Pin
Patriotic Eagle Flag Pin
Patriotic Eagle Flag Earrings
OD Green Veteran/US Flag Cap
White USA Cap
Patriotic Eagle USA Cap
Flying Flag on Pole Magnet
Stars and Stripes Eagle Tie
Patriotic Eagle Tie
Patriotic Eagles Flag Tie
Patriotic Lanyard
Patriotic Socks
VFW Patriotic Eagle Thermometer
Patriotic Table Runner
VFW Etched Pint Glass, 16 oz
VFW Etched Glass Mug, 16 oz
VFW Drink Koozie
VFW Zippered Bottle Koozie
VFW Dog Tag Bottle Opener
Bronze Fallen Soldier Pin
US Flag Ribbon Pin
Austrian Crystal Flag Pin
Blue Star Pin
Patriotic Ladies Fleece Vests
Starting at $26.00
Patriotic Ladies Fleece Jackets
Starting at $24.00
VFW Patriotic Polos
Starting at $29.00